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Dahlia Gray

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Dear Ludominati,

I just wanted to inform you about the end of the regular schedule on the Ludophiles Twitch channel. Please don't be too mad, sad or disappointed about that information.

First of all I wanted to let you know: Thanks alot for the overwhelming support, thanks for cheering me up several times when I went live and actually needed good company, thanks for evenings full of awesome chat conversations and laughter, I really enjoyed the last two years :)

Before I get to the reasons why I finally decided to stop let me just set one thing clear: Ludophiles was never about money - we never had more subs than nowadays and nevertheless I end the regular schedule. I personally hope that I never gave anyone of you the impression that you had to pay for getting my attention (like alot of other streamers do), that it was your job to finance my dreams or life, to give me money for (e.g.) new shoes you would never see on stream ;), a new entertainment system or a "surgery" for my pet - cause that is not your responsibility! All of the donated money will be given to charity projects. Some of you already know that we wanted to start our own charity project, but as we are lacking manpower the money will go to already existing organisations.

There are two big reasons why I decided to make this step and unfortunately I have to explain them in written form (if I would have a voice I would have done a live stream or at least recorded a video for spreading the information, but I'm still having this very annoying cold that is restraining me from talking).

Stating that I disregarded real life completely would be incorrect, but saying that my family - including a grandpa that is in need of care -, my relationship, my friends and last but not least my work got all the attention they needed would be a lie , too.
Managing regular working shifts plus Twitch is already challenging enough, but everything extraordinary like private or commercial dinner invitations, birthday parties, necessary advanced trainings, everything social in real life became more stressful than it should be or was mostly impossible to do and had to be canceled in the last two years.

Secondly I have to mention that Ludophiles was started as and always meant to be a team project, not a personality cult around a specific streamer and not about "milking" a community. Twitch and me streaming (cause that was the best thing I could add to a community project) was always meant to be only a part of a bigger project.

Maybe we didn't emphasize that feature enough, maybe in some cases it "became a victim" of the predominant egoism we noticed a lot on Twitch:
It seems like everyone prefers to do their own thing, everyone wants to be a lonesome star on Twitch, not sharing, not cooperating unless it's only f or personal gain. The results is that most channels fail and are abandoned sooner or later. Just like the majority of YT channels, gaming blogs or any gaming project in general. One could get the impression people prefer to waste countless hours of work and fail lonesomely instead of combining powers and be part of something successful.
Maybe we should have said more often that we were always looking for people, for running servers, recording videos, for reviews, etc, that we were always open for everyone who wanted to take part in this project in any way (without only exploiting it for personal benefits of course).

And again thanks alot to the people who understood what the Ludophiles project is meant to be and participate in whatever shape of form :)

Anyways, I keep on working on the project, that means there will be some video uploads from time to time, maybe reviews (although I really suck at writing them), just as well as there might be the one or the other random stream. But I'm not able to keep up a regular weekly amount-of-hours-schedule at a specific time anymore.

So friends, please don't be mad with me, let me just go back to where it all began, to gaming. Since my first Amiga I have been a gamer - and I always will be - so as soon as my voice is back I can be found for coop gaming or chatting on Discord!

Hugs Dahlia :)



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Hey there Dahlia,

Thanks for your sincerity in this message!
i'm not good at speeches so i'm just going to say this : we support your decision and we do understand the reasons ! Thank you for having been able to be there regularly for 2 years ! You have done an incredible and amazing job! (except when you punch that poor squirrel... but we forgive you haha)
Please take care and see you around in Germany when i'll be living in Strasbourg haha!

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You deserve the rest and social interacting IRL for sure, so I'm not mad at all, just be sure to drop by on discord sometimes.


Sorry I'm a bit late here, but I'm only finding out about this now. I was too busy for a while and missed the last few months of streams unfortunately, but I totally get why you have come to this decision. It's clear it was never the plan to do this much on your own but you end up doing more and more which of course gets in the way of other things.

As you know I too have been working on a gaming website for about 8 years now and completely understand. You just end up spending more time on these things as it's much more work than just posting reviews, news/trailers, or doing streams. I'd have joined you guys if I could but it was already too much. Actually I'm also trying to cut back right now as it has gotten a bit crazy, there's little time left for anything else, even just normal gaming. Now if it would be on the level where doing this would also pay the bills, that'd be great but it's very hard to get to that level.

So yeah totally understandable, I'm sure we'll still see the odd stream or just co-op/online via discord... that'd be fun. I should finally have a decent PC soon as well so then I'll probably join in there. :)

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